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My name is Anurag Peshne. I'm interested in Programing Languages, Distributed Systems, Text Editors (particularly Vim and Emacs), Lisp and Functional Programing.

I'm a software engineer at Microsoft; I studied Computer Science at University of Florida and VNIT and have experience working with server teams at multinational corporations as well as a startup.

Besides computer related stuff, I'm interested in cycling and photography. Moon and time lapsed photography are my favorites. Here's my /now page: the things I'm upto these days.

If you haven't already recognized the animation above, it's Conway's Game of Life.


Here are some of my somewhat working projects:

  • dsplotty Grid visualizer originally made for virtualizing gossip protocol using websockets.
  • Portal Peer to Peer file transfer using Browsers - Winner of SwampHacks Hackathon.
  • vKeyboard Share keyboard accoss computers over the network.
  • austerity Bunch of shell scripts to restrict access to time wasting websites.
  • font8X8 Language agnostic monochrome bitmap font for rendering.
  • airLift Automated file sharing over network.
  • funJmp Jump to function definition in Vim using Regex.
  • github.com/anuragpeshne Rest of the projects can be found at my github repo.




Feel free to drop me a mail at anurag.peshne@gmail.com, find me on Linkedin, Github or browse my photostream.

Here's my public PGP

E060 17E9 0ABB B748 2099  C617 78BD 84D1 BA5D E5

Emacs 26.1 (Org mode 9.2.1)